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Think of a funding strategy as your map and compass. You wouldn't take off into the backcountry without the proper gear, would you?

A Funding Strategy is a simple document that specifies what planning is still needed to position an organization for success as well as what grants to pursue and when. This process usually takes three to five weeks and results in a list of 20+ potential funding sources. 

From there, we interview funders to confirm eligibility, project fit, competitiveness and a host of other considerations. It is always more cost-effective to carefully select grant opportunities than to find out later that we weren’t eligible or had impossibly low chances of success. We aim to find which opportunities represent the highest likelihood of success and the most responsible use of organization resources.


The final deliverable is a Funding Strategy that will serve as a road map for knowing what grants to pursue and when over the next 12-18 months.

Interested? Reach out to set up a consultation. 

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